Zaya 12 Year Old Rum Review


Name: Zaya 12 year Old Rum

ABV: 40%

Proof: 80

Nose: Vanilla, Molasses, Almonds, Cinnamon

Palate: Vanilla, Allspice, Tobacco, Oranges

Finish: Moderate with vanilla and almonds throughout and a slight burn at the end

Overall: On the nose it is vanilla up front with some notes of molasses, almonds, and cinnamon. At first sip I was greeted with a nice vanilla flavor up front much like the aroma of this rum, the flavors of allspice and robust tobacco followed, opened up room for a nice citrus flavor to come in, mainly oranges. The finish was moderate with vanilla and almonds prominent and a slight burn at the end. This rum can easily be a sipper but it does just as well in a cocktail. I had the pleasure of trying this in a dark and stormy and thought it really hit the spot on a hot day. Overall, this is a great rum for sipping neat or making cocktails. It won’t break the bank and it it’s flavor profile is simple and straightforward. At around $35 a bottle, it is priced right in my opinion.


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