Tim Doty

Founder, Editor

Tim Doty, “Doty” as he is respectfully referred to by his friends, is the driving force behind Tequila & Oak. Doty was born and raised in Wheeling, West Virginia but moved to Atlanta, Georgia in the summer of 2007. It was in Atlanta when his passion for great spirits began and his journey into the spirits business started with the launch of Bourbon & Oak in April 2013. Since starting Bourbon & Oak, he has launched an official app, magazine, and two additional spirits sites. As a longtime investigator, Doty spent 8 years traveling through Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina and was able to get his hands on some great spirits. Now based in Virginia, he continues to explore the wide world of spirits and enjoying his time along the way. Starting these websites has given him a chance to share his passion with others, to help them learn, and to help them discover their next favorite bottle. Far from a spirit expert, he just simply enjoys a great drink and good company to share it with. He invites you to sit back, explore the pages, and most importantly, enjoy yourself.